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MARK M HERD is a native of Los Angeles and a descendant of one of the founding families of Encino. He has both a Jewish mom and Daniel Boone in his family tree. In particular, he has a stake in the 5th District, its prestige and its quality of life. He has lived most of his life in Westwood and has a background in political solutions spanning twelve years and twenty states. Mark was a congressional candidate for the 33rd District in California in 2014 and the founder of what became the leading Neighborhood Council (Westwood) in Los Angeles in 2010.

Mark has extensive experience in sales and marketing in the electronics, automobile, and security industries. He is a frequent speaker at sales meetings, conventions, political events, city council and town hall meetings.

Mark speaks passionately for many causes and has run for office. In 2013 he ran for the Los Angeles City Council winning 26% of the vote. He has been elected to both the Westwood Neighborhood Council and the Westwood Homeowners Association board of directors.  Mark created MARK HERD POLITICAL SOLUTIONS in 2012 assisting candidates and causes in over 20 states. 

L.A. City Council District 5 Native

Grew up in Westwood

Attended Fairburn Elementary, Emerson Jr. High, Harvard-Westlake School and University High School.

Holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona in Economics

Westwood Neighborhood Council - Organizer (#1 Neighborhood Council first year, 2010)

Westwood Neighborhood Council Board member 2010 - 2014

Westwood Neighborhood Council - Land Use Committee Member 2010 - 2014

Westwood Homeowners Association Board member - 2009

Park Ashton Homeowners Association President  2004 - 2008 - 2010 - 2012

Candidate for Los Angeles City Council - 2013 (26% of the vote)

Libertarian Candidate for US Congress 33rd - 2014

Libertarian Candidate for US Senate - 2016

Libertarian Party of CA Executive Committee - 2018

West Los Angeles Libertarian Party Chair - 2019

In 2014 Herd represented the Libertarian party as their nominee for Congress 33rd vs Ted Lieu, Wendy Gruel, Marianne Williamson and Elan Carr

Integrity - Transparency - Experience

Herds "Housing First" plan will solve the homeless crisis in Los Angeles in less than 5 yrs.  

HHH funds would be reallocated for mental and rehab services.    Prefab homes on county lands that cost under 10k to build could be used to provide shelter.

Herd is fiscally conservative and was endorsed by the California Taxpayers Association

Herd has always been a strong advocate for lower taxes and reducing govern-

ment redtape

Herd has advocated for the  ending of AB5

Herd supports the teamsters, writers, Uber and others in opposition of ab5. 

In 2009 Herd organized the Westwood NC which became the #1 NC in LosAngeles out of 93

Herd was elected to the wwnc in 2010 as a founding board member and re-elected in 2012

Herd served on the Land Use committee for four years fighting to uphold the quality of life in Westwood.

In the 2017 CD5 race Herd was the only candidate who stood up for Measure s and specific plans.

Herd has experience dealing with high rise developers and their projects impacts on the community. Herd has solutions that promote public health, end friday gridlock, and reduce pollution

Herds "Non taxpayer revenue streams"

solutions don't raise taxes, they lower them.  

Jan 15, 2019

Fiscally Conservative - Socially Liberal‏ @voteherd JAN 15

The LA City Council is one of the highest and overpaid councils in the nation, about 180k per year. If elected I would cut that down to 120k per year and if the rest of the council doesn't want to go along I'll just give my 60k back to the city anyway. @PaulKoretzCD5 @jessecreed

Jan 22, 2019

Fiscally Conservative - Socially Liberal‏ @voteherd Jan 22 

HR 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2019, was submitted by Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie. The bill calls for a full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve Banks by the Comptroller General. I support it!

May 6, 2019

The state of New York has a right to shelter literally in its state constitution, dating back to the Great Depression.  California does not. My plan, prefab ($10K) homes on county lands is cheaper than ($450k) cots in Venice & downtown.  Time to get REAL with HHH funds!


The L.A. Times on campaign consultant Mark Matthew Herd:

"well versed on the issues that matter to residents of the district, which stretches from Westwood to Beverly Hills and across to the Hollywood Hills, and from Encino to just south of the Santa Monica Freeway" - "has a sensible vision for dealing with local development, arguing for limited growth that balances the economic interests of neighborhoods — i.e., keeping and creating jobs — with the need to control traffic." Los Angeles Times (2/14/13)


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